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Charites and Humanitarian Causes



Thousands of children all over the world suffer because of different reasons. Some of them are ill and can’t be cured, some of them do not have enough food and suffer from hunger and malnutrition, some of them are victims of terror attacks. A lot of countries are stuck in poverty that causes hunger, diseases and social instability. Children are the first victims of these terrible living conditions because they are incapable of protecting themselves or taking care of themselves. Children can have different needs – food, medicine, treatment, shelter, all of them shouldn’t be ignored. We are responsible for those who are weaker than we are.
“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.” Nelson Mandela
Donating to an orphanage is a selfless act that will bless the lives of many. Your donation is a meaningful symbol of love and hope. Many of us that are fortunate enough to live in highly civilized areas might not actually be aware of the extreme conditions and needs of others located in corners of the world, of the lack of medical assistance,access to education and many more. It is only by opening our eyes and being willing to learn and help that we can create a better world step by step, one act of kindness at a time.
During travels in the Eastern Region of Peru in 2022 a group of tourists discovered the orphanage of Pucallpa and immediately fell in love  with the children, the place and an idea was born. As they tried to help out as much as it was possible at the moment the purpose of further supporting and helping this community of around 60 children, aged 0 to 18,  came to light, to continue supporting from a distance and help create a more healthy, stable and secure environment for those children as well as bring happiness, light and hope in their eyes. 
The fundraising was continued and in the beginning of 2023 we raised over 500 euros from friends and family and we managed to organize a wonderful surprise for all the kids located at the orphanage. A full day of fun and happy childhood for a group of 60 kids, including a day at the Pool with food, snacks, bus and all the necessary. There is no bigger satisfaction in this world than seeing the happiness in a child’s eyes and knowing you can make a positive difference in someone’s day .
Moving forward into the year we have set a new goal, buying a TV set for all the buildings where children are hosted. The total amount that we are striving to raise is 1600 euros that will allow us to cover the full expenses for the acquisition and installation of the television sets and create a glimpse of hope in their daily life. This is just one step along this journey of support and it warms our hearts to be able to spread kindness and hope to those less fortunate. Every little drop helps, every little sign of kindness can go such a long way.
We always take care about our family and friends because we know them and love them. Who will take care about about a child who doesn’t have a family? Who will take care about a child who is seriously ill? Hope is everything they have, we can’t disappoint them. We want to change this unjust situation and make this world a better place where every life matters, every person is important

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