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By shopping the sale you will not only benefit from the best prices possible but also support our business through this extremely challenging time, as lockdown or not, expenses, rents and bills still have to be paid , our teachers need to be able to sustain themselves through this new lockdown !

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Dear Yogis and Yoginis,

Following the latest measures adopted by the region of Brussels our Physical Location will be closed until 13 of December. We have already set up a full schedule of online classes that will cover all tastes and needs of our students. As difficult as this is we count on your support to help us survive this difficult times.

As we all know , we live in a bit of a different world this days and the sense of connection and community, along with mindfulness and positivity are what we need the most to thrive through difficult times. As a community we are grateful to have each other and all the wonderful tools that we have learned in our yoga classes to help us cope with the chaos around . 

Our physical location might be closed, but our community is always open and ready to help each other. 

MEMBERSHIPS AND CLASS PASS PLANS WILL BE FROZEN FOR THE TIME of the measures automatically so you won't lose any of the time or classes that you have bought and all expiration dates will be extended with the time of the lock-down. For those of you who chose to keep their memberships ongoing and use them for accessing the online classes (or as a donation) this option will be available, all you gave to do is send us an email on with your name, membership and list of classes you would like to attend, or book them through the website and choose at check-out the option to "pay-in-person"

As this situation is extremely difficult financially both on the business and on the teachers ( rent has to be payed entirely for all the months of no activity) , you can support the studio and the community of teachers that are left in the situation of not having any income for the time being by doing one of the following:

  •    Joining some our online classes (pay per session or buy a pack)

  •    Make a donation (our PayPal is currently not working but you can make a donation through the account BE87 7310 4566 0194 on the name ALDEA ANDREEA with the communication "Donation"

  •  Buy in advance - you already have a membership/class pass but you can take advantage of our promotions and buy in advance a pass for you or your loved ones that will only be activated when you deicide

  • Buy one of our gift cards now discounted and use them for yourself later or to show your love for someone dear to your hearth.

  • Share our info, classes and engage your friends in attending our online sessions

  • Get a private class or a private class package that you can use for online and in person private classes. ( we have decided to continue giving private classes at the studio for max 2 people from the same social bubble and respecting strict social distancing and safety rules .

. If your income source has also been affected by this situation please contact us and we will find a way to help you. Also if you are in need of emotional support, counseling or even just an encouraging word don't hesitate to contact us ! 

Here's an overview of our classes for the next week , some new classes might show up and we will update accordingly . May you all be healthy, stay safe, wash your hands and let us take care of your good mood, physical and mental health with our classes.


12:30 Hatha Yoga with Deea

18:00 Power Flow (Lower Back Health and Core ) with Deea 

19:30 Yin Yoga with Irina 


12:30 Power lunch class( Bikram Xpress) with Deea 

18:00 Power Yoga 

20:00 Soft Flow with Rivi 


12:30 Flow to glow (lower back health) with Deea

18:00 Power Flow for Immunity with Deea -

20:00 Yin/Yang Yoga with Poukie


7:45 All level Vinyasa with  Nici

12:30 Power Flow (Bikram series)

18:00 Power Flow for open heart with Deea-

19:30 Soft Yoga with Irina


12:30 Yin/Yang Yoga with Deea

18:00 Release and Unwind Power Flow


11:00 Full Body Flow


11:00 Full Body Flow

17:00 Sunday Slow Flow with RIVI



To be a yoga teacher it is much more than a job, or a calling... to be a yoga teacher means a way of life, a way of evolving as a human by helping others evolve, a way of mindfulness and awareness and continuous growth. For the same reason a yoga studio should be more like a family than a place of business .

  And this is what we at European Yoga we are trying o create a safe space for teachers and students to relax, to improve and to evolve . With over 12 years experience in the Brussels yoga scene and a multitude of classes in the studio and outside locations we already are one of the best well known for are classic 26+2 Hot Yoga classes , our 60 min classes in the European institution and quite a number great new yoga instructors trained and groomed by European Yoga Institute Teacher Training that are now teaching and opening studios all over the world, our family is ever expanding and extending. So we find it only normal that we too should evolve as growth is a permanent part of life and share with our community our deep love and respect for all the diferent yoga styles and offer our students the opportunity of imprroving their yoga practice , health, fitness level and most of all , happiness!

Try our different yoga Classes from strong and sweaty Bikram Yoga to restorative and relaxing Yin and constantly improve your practice and your mood.   Combine a yoga class with a massage session by one of our therapist for pure bliss. We know the secret to a long happy life is a well rounded wellness routine that is both physical and spiritual so we want to share, improve and grow together into better, happier and healthier human beings .

Welcome all to our yoga family !!!




8, Avenue de Tervueren, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium

0479 36 88 31


0479 36 88 31

8, Avenue de Tervueren, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium

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