Our Studio is now reopened
Dear Yogis and Yoginis,
We were very happy and grateful to share our practice and being able to reconnect in the past 3 weeks.
Thank you for you support and for your wonderful energy​. As of 1 of July we are taking a new step in our returning to normal, we will be able to use the changing rooms and showers , but still respecting social distancing and and safety measures (not more than 4 people in the changing room at any time ). Also booking in advance it is no longer required , but clients with booking will still have priority. Also it is still important to protect ourselves and others so disinfecting hands and social distancing will still be the norm. 
-  Our studio has been deeply cleaned and we disinfected thoroughly every corner,  Yoga Mat and Prop we use.
-You will find antibacterial solution , napkins and soap all over the studio .
-Room , mats and props will be disinfected after every class
-In order to respect social distancing we have set a limit of 15 people per session (booking online to get priority) and our teachers will not perform any physical adjustments for the time being.
-Access to showers and changing rooms will be limited to 4 people at once !
-Bring your own Yoga mat or minimum a big towel to cover up the yoga mat.
-Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly
-Use disinfectant before stepping in the room
-Avoid attending class if you feel sick or have any flue symptoms
-Be mindful of social distancing while in the studio.
As you know may small businesses have taken a strong financial hit during the pandemic and our studio and teachers are one of the hardest hit categories. With your memberships on hold and virtually no income or financial help from the authorities and the lockdown rent amount to be paied by the end of the year we need your help to survive and get back on our feet.
How can you help?
  • Donate ( we will leave the donation buttons around the website )
  • Buy in advance ( if you still have time left on your membership or class pass, buy a new one in advance, it will be added to your client account and used after the current plan expires, you can also buy a plan for a loved one )
  • Some students chose to keep their membership open for the duration of the lock down in support
  • Bring a friend , recommend our studio, give us a rating on Google or social Media, share our post or our newsletter
  • Buy gift cards 
 How can we help you?
If like us your livelihood has been affected by the Covid crisis you deserve yoga in your life so write us an email and we will try to find a way to accommodate you. Membership refunds are not possible but we will try our best to accommodate you.


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To be a yoga teacher it is much more than a job, or a calling... to be a yoga teacher means a way of life, a way of evolving as a human by helping others evolve, a way of mindfulness and awareness and continuous growth. For the same reason a yoga studio should be more like a family than a place of business .

  And this is what we at European Yoga we are trying o create a safe space for teachers and students to relax, to improve and to evolve . With over 12 years experience in the Brussels yoga scene and a multitude of classes in the studio and outside locations we already are one of the best well known for are classic 26+2 Hot Yoga classes , our 60 min classes in the European institution and quite a number great new yoga instructors trained and groomed by European Yoga Institute Teacher Training that are now teaching and opening studios all over the world, our family is ever expanding and extending. So we find it only normal that we too should evolve as growth is a permanent part of life and share with our community our deep love and respect for all the diferent yoga styles and offer our students the opportunity of imprroving their yoga practice , health, fitness level and most of all , happiness!

Try our different yoga Classes from strong and sweaty Bikram Yoga to restorative and relaxing Yin and constantly improve your practice and your mood.   Combine a yoga class with a massage session by one of our therapist for pure bliss. We know the secret to a long happy life is a well rounded wellness routine that is both physical and spiritual so we want to share, improve and grow together into better, happier and healthier human beings .

Welcome all to our yoga family !!!




8, Avenue de Tervueren, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium

0479 36 88 31


0479 36 88 31

8, Avenue de Tervueren, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium

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